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Heather Edwards
Heather Edwards

Heather Edwards
It All Started With A Dragon 

Heather Edwards

"Welcome to Heather Edwards' World of Imagination and Adventure!"

Heather Edwards is an author and illustrator best known for her work in the fantasy and adventure genres. Her second book in the series, Zander, takes readers on a thrilling journey to Catelonia in Spain where they are introduced to the world of time travel and ghost stories. Through her writing, Heather creates a unique universe of adventure that is sure to captivate readers of all ages.

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Author and illustrator Heather Edwards’ children’s book, It All Started With A Dragon, is a fun and surreal journey full of unexpected twists and turns. Follow Zander, an aspiring artist, as he is given the chance to do work experience abroad. Who would have thought Zander's trip to Catalonia Spain to study art at the Dali Museum would lead to many surreal adventures. With an amazing array of characters and vivid illustrations, this book is perfect for readers of all ages. Explore the world of It All Started With A Dragon today

The book 'It All Started With A Dragon' follows Zander, a young boy, and his three artist friends as they embark on a magical journey to find a baby dragon's mother. Along the way, they face many exciting challenges and must use their creativity to solve them. With a unique story and beautiful black and white illustrations, 'It All Started With A Dragon' is a captivating read for both adults and children alike.

Heather Edwards

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It All Started With A Dragon Heather Edwards

It All Started With A Dragon is a magical story of adventure, friendship, and mystery. In this book, readers embark on a thrilling journey with Zander and his friends, as they search for the baby dragon’s relative. Along the way, they experience parallel worlds, going into the historical past and meeting Catalonian ghosts. All the places they visit are real places in Catalonia with true mystic stories attached to them. This story is sure to captivate readers of all ages, and has something for everyone to enjoy.

This book is perfect for any curious young reader who loves fantasy and adventure. With beautiful illustrations, a thrilling plot and lots of creative problem-solving, Draco It All Started With A Dragon is sure to bring hours of entertainment and delight.

Available as paperback and kindle.

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