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Heather Edwards

Heather Edwards
Knight Of The Sea

"A world of imagination and adventure awaits inside the pages of Heather Edwards' Childrens Books!"

Heather Edwards is the author and illustrator of the Featherpaws series which follows the adventures of Featherpaws, a brave and determined creature who is part owl, part cat, part zebra. In this second installment, Featherpaws embarks on a daring mission to sail around the world to study all the creature that are endangered. and hopefully save the creatures from becoming extinct With his trusty sidekick Softnose, his mission is to  discover the forces that threaten the world.Readers of all ages will be captivated by the imaginative world created by Heather Edwards in this brilliant series. Follow Featherpaws on her thrilling quest of courage, bravery and friendship.

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Featherpaws Knight Of The Sea

In the book Featherpaws Knight Of The Sea, follow the adventures of Featherpaws, the brave and courageous Knight Of Owl Crest, as he embarks on a quest to save the world. With the help of his three friends, he will sail around the world in the ship, Knight of the Sea, and face many challenges along the way.

This series is the perfect combination of fantasy, fact and adventure. With vivid and captivating black and white illustrations, readers of all ages will be drawn into this exciting world. Join Featherpaws on his mission to save the world.


 Featherpaws is a brave knight of the sea, who embarks on a mission to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our oceans. Together with his crew, he cruises the oceans to collect information, and then feeds the data into his new friend Co2, a computerized trainer who reminds everyone about being careful of their carbon footprints. His forever faithful friend Annie Softnose also accompanies him on the voyage. Join Heather and her characters on their exciting journey of discovery and make sure to protect our oceans.

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Audio Book available on i-tunes and Audible

Welcome to the incredible world of the Featherpaws, an exciting adventure series created by Author and Illustrator Heather Edwards. This thrilling book  follows three brave knights – Featherpaws, Softnose and CO2 – on their quest to protect the planet’s oceans and marine life. Together they combine their unique skills to take on the destructive forces, while learning important lessons about  respecting our world.

Featherpaws Knight Of The SeaHeather Edwards
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These stories are full of excitement and adventure, but also emphasize the importance of environmental stewardship and sustainability. With the help of their new friends, the Featherpaws Knights of the Sea strive to reduce pollution and global warming throughout the world.

Heather Edwards
Heather Edwards

Join the delightful voyage into the unknown, this story follows the adventures of a brave knight and his magical cat friend as they explore the world. Along the way, they find out about the wonders of different countries and the threats to animals that live there.

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Heather Edwards, the author and illustrator of the series, invites you to come along and explore with them. Follow the map of the world to see their voyage around the world and learn about the different countries and the threat to animals. Join them on their journey and share in the joy of discovery.

Heather Edwards

Available as paperback, kindle and audio book.

Featherpaws Knight Of The Sea Heather Edwards

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