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Heather Edwards
Draco, The Ring Of Atlantis


Heather Edwards

"Discover the Magical World of Heather Edwards, Where Every Child is a Hero!"

Heather Edwards is an author and illustrator who loves to bring her imagination to life through her books. Her latest work is the second book in the series, ‘Draco’, which follows a teenage boy who is a space cadet and lives on a space station. With its vivid illustrations and captivating storytelling, Heather’s books are sure to capture the attention of readers of all ages. Whether you’re looking for an out-of-this-world story or just a fun read, Heather Edwards has something for you.

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Welcome to the world of Draco The Ring Of Atlantis! This is the second book in the exciting Draco Adventure series, written and illustrated by Heather Edwards.


This thrilling book follows the journey of Draco, an ambitious teenage space cadet, who has lived in outer space all of his life. Draco's parents gave him a special ring to keep him safe before they left on a space mission. Draco begins to realize the ring has magic protective powers and decides to unlock its secrets. 


This is a story about a brave teenager who discovers the powers of his enchanted ring. After the disappearance of his parents, Draco finds himself alone except for Sky Mother his special robot. He soon discovers that his ring enables him   to make friends with the star constellations in the night sky, like Great Bear and Draco the Dragon of the Stars.

Heather Edwards

In this magical story, Draco embarks on a journey of self-discovery and adventure. Along the way he meets a cast of fascinating characters, learns of ancient mysteries and discovers the power of friendship. Join Draco as he unlocks the secrets of the stars and discovers the power of his own inner strength.

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Heather Edwards
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Draco The Ring Of Atlantis is an exciting, action-packed fantasy adventure written and illustrated by Heather Edwards. Through his thrilling adventures, Draco travels through time and space and embarks on a journey to save his parents from the evil space creatures, the Spacediles.


The story is full of suspense, excitement and unexpected twists that will keep readers entertained. With this book, Heather Edwards has created an exciting world of adventure and mystery that will captivate readers of all ages.

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Now Draco is not an orphan anymore, he becomes intrigued to find out more about the mysterious ring. This leads him on to countless action-packed missions which enable him to discover the history of the mystic ancient ring. The story is filled with suspense, mystery and drama which will keep the reader hooked from beginning to end.

Heather Edwards

Available as paperback, kindle and audio book.

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