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Heather Edwards

Don't Get Your seaweed

knickers In A Twist 


Heather Edwards

"Stories that Plant Imagination and Nurture Growth"

I'm Heather Edwards and I'm passionate about creating stories and art illustrations that bring joy and laughter to children and adults alike. My book, ‘Don’t Get Your Seaweed Knickers In A Twist’, is a funny and imaginative story about a sea creature named Splash-a-lot who tries hard not to get cross. 
My illustrations are vibrant and full of life, and I strive to capture the beauty of the ocean and its creatures. I hope to inspire children with my stories and art, as well as to bring a smile to the faces of readers everywhere.

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Don't Get Your Seaweed Knickers In A Twist is an interactive story and art project that follows Splash-a-Lot, a sea monster whose emotions are reflected in the sea's moods. This project is designed to help children explore their own emotions, as well as those of the people around them. With the help of interactive illustrations, stories, and an original soundtrack on this web page, this project will introduce kids to the idea of emotional awareness in a fun and imaginative way. So dive in and explore the world of Splash-a-Lot!


The story follows Splash-a-Lot, a curious and adventurous sea creature who loves to explore the ocean. Through story and art illustrations, I aim to bring to life a journey of discovery and learning that will capture the imagination of young readers. With this tale, I hope to show how changes in emotions can affect our environment and those around us.

Picture Book Story

Don’t Get Your Seaweed Knickers In A Twist is a story of humor and adventure. The story follows Splash-a-Lot, a sea creature, who embarks on a journey to discover the truth behind the mysterious message in a bottle. Along the way, Splash-a-Lot meets a variety of sea creatures who offer their help and friendship. The story is accompanied by captivating art illustrations that bring the characters and their adventures to life.

Don't Get Your Seaweed Knickers In A Twist is a unique picture book that teaches children how to handle their emotions in a child-friendly fantasy story. It's a fun and engaging way for children to learn the importance of emotional intelligence, and how to manage their feelings in a productive and healthy way. The book is also a great resource for parents, teachers, and therapists who are looking for new ways to help children express themselves. I am passionate about providing children with the tools they need to understand and manage their emotions.

Using illustrations and photography/                         Presentation

Heather Edwards

Bringing Seaweed-Tastic Fun to the World with Author and Illustrator Heather Edwards

Heather Edwards

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Available as paperback, hardcover and kindle.

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