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Heather Edwards

Heather Edwards
Draco, Dragon Of  The Stars


"Bringing joy, imagination, and lessons to children everywhere with Heather Edwards!"

Welcome to the world of Draco! My name is Heather Edwards and I am the author and illustrator of the Draco series. Draco is a young teenager who lives on a space station and is on a quest to explore the unknown. Through this series, I want to share my passion for science fiction and encourage my readers to explore their own imaginations.
The Draco series is a unique mix of fiction, science and adventure that will take your mind to new places. Join me on this thrilling journey to explore the wonders of space and Draco’s captivating world.

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Heather Edwards is the author and illustrator of the popular children's book series, Draco. At the age of seven, the beloved Draco is left an orphan in Space and is then taken in by a very special robot named 'Sky Mother'. Now fourteen, Draco appreciates what Sky Mother does for him, but he still yearns for real parents. Follow Draco's journey as he navigates through these emotions, and learns the true meaning of family and friendship.


Author and illustrator Heather Edwards brings readers of all ages into the exciting world of space exploration with her latest book, Draco Dragon Of The Stars. Now at the age of fourteen, Draco a teenage boy finds himself training to be a space cadet.

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This adventurous story is filled with exciting action, awesome space gadgets, and a heartfelt message about friendship, loyalty, and believing in yourself. Join Draco on his journey as he discovers what it means to be part of a team, and the importance of respecting one another and the universe around us.

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Heather Edwards

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Heather Edwards

Follow the journey of Draco, a brave young astronaut cadet, as he sets off on a space mission amongst the the stars. As Draco prepares for his astronaut test, an asteroid suddenly hits his spaceship, leading him to an unexpected adventure. With the help of the star constellations, Draco musters the courage and strength to continue his mission and make his dreams come true. Along the way, he meets some exciting friends  and discovers that with a little help from the stars, anything is possible.

The tale follows the adventures of a young boy named Draco, who is on a quest to discover his identity and strength. Along the way, Draco meets Sky Mother, a robot with a powerful voice, who helps him understand that his parents named him after a special star constellation. Draco then learns that strength comes in many forms and discovers the power of friendship and courage. Join Draco on his exciting journey and explore the wonderful world of Draco Dragon of the Stars.

Heather Edwards

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Heather Edwards

Available as paperback, kindle and audio book.

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