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Heather Edwards
Heather Edwards

Heather Edwards
Featherpaws, Knight Birds

Welcome to the world of Featherpaws Knight Birds! I'm Heather Edwards, author and illustrator of the series. I'm so excited to bring you the third installment of the Featherpaws books.

This series is full of adventure and friendship, and will take readers on a magical journey through the world of the knight birds. Fly with the brave knight birds as they embark on a daring mission to save their planet! I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do.

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Featherpaws Knight Birds is the third book in the series that follows the courageous adventures of a young jigsaw animal who is determined to save the world. Author and illustrator Heather Edwards weaves an inspiring story of courage, friendship and perseverance. With his trusty sidekick Softnose, Featherpaws takes on another quest to make the world a better place, and explore his own potential. Join Featherpaws on his journey and discover the power of courage, adventure and friendship.

 Here in this story, Featherpaws, the United Nations ambassador, takes on another quest to save the world. Yet again he goes on many exciting adventures, in an attempt to discover important information about pollution and global warming. Along the way, he meets interesting characters and learns more about himself and the world around him.

Through this book Heather Edwards  helps children and adults alike to understand the importance of taking care of the environment and hopes to inspire readers to be proactive in making the world a better place.


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Audio Book available on i-tunes and Audible

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 The third book of the series follows the adventures of Featherpaws and his trusty computer friend CO2 as they explore the world and discover new things. In the final story of Knight Birds, Featherpaws decides to look at his family tree, and discovers lots of new data which he inputs into his computer friend CO2. Along the way, the two of them learn more about the past and how it affects the present. With vibrant illustrations, engaging stories and a fun combination of technology and history, Featherpaws Knight Birds is a great way to introduce kids to the wonders of the world.

 The book follows the adventures of the brave Featherpaws, as he flies around the world to learn about nature and the environment. Along the way, he meets fascinating people and animals, and comes across many different cultures.  Join Featherpaws on his incredible journey today.

Heather Edwards

Reading Sample

Using illustrations and photography/                         Presentation

Heather Edwards

 Featherpaws, together with The Knights of Owl Crest, construct a website that will teach humans how to appreciate their habitats and how to be better stewards of the environment. Every page is filled with adventure, mystery, and a unique and creative way to explore the natural world.
Follow Featherpaws and the Knights of Owl Crest on their journey as they discover all the answers they have been searching for.

Available as paperback, kindle and audio book.

learning skills in each Featherpaws book

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learning skills in each Featherpaws book

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