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Heather Edwards
Zander Echoes Of  The Time Portal


Unlock the Secrets of History with Heather Edwards. Bringing Welsh Myths and Ghosts to Life

Heather Edwards

Echoes Of The Time Portal is the third book in Zander's Time Travel Adventures series and takes readers on another exciting journey through history. Join Zander as he races to piece together the secrets of the Welsh Castle. With stunning twists and turns, this chapter book will leave readers aged seven to sixteen years on the edge of their seats!

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Escape into a world of mystery and adventure with Echoes Of The Time Portal, written and illustrated by Heather Edwards. Join Zander as he embarks on a work placement at Cardigan Castle and encounters a series of unexpected events after being given 'The Book of Welsh Myths.'

In this mesmerizing novel, Zander befriends Seren, who also works at the castle, and together, they embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Seren is given another book, 'The Book Of Ghosts.' Together, they discover the secrets both books hold and are taken on a journey through time, where they encounter magical beings and overcome obstacles.

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Discover the truth behind Cardigan Castle's history and haunted past. This book is perfect for anyone who loves a good ghost story and a classic adventure. Get lost in a story that will leave your mind racing and your heart yearning for more.

Available as paperback and kindle.

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