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Heather Edwards

The Knights Of Owl Crest

Heather Edwards

"Heather Edwards: Unlocking the Imagination of Tomorrow's Leaders".

Heather Edwards

Welcome to Featherpaws The Knights of Owl Crest! I am Heather Edwards, and I have been an avid fan of fantasy and fantasy art for many years. I specialize in creating custom artwork for role-playing games, fantasy novels, and other fantasy-related media.
My artwork is unique in that I use a combination of traditional and digital techniques to create intricate, detailed characters and creatures. I strive to bring the world to life with every piece I create, and I take great pride in crafting each piece with care and precision. 

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Welcome to Featherpaws The Knights of Owl Crest! Here you will find a unique story and illustrations about what hides behind The Manor House walls. Annie Softnose, the local cat, finds herself in a web of deceit when a mad scientist kidnaps animals for experimentation and creates many new species. Follow her journey as she discovers the secrets and mysteries around her. Join me and read the captivating story of Featherpaws!


Featherpaws The Knights of Owl crest is a story of adventure and self-discovery. Annie Softnose, a brave young cat, discovers an amazing and mysterious creature, Featherpaws. As they explore the world together, they learn the importance of friendship and self-acceptance.

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Audio Book available on i-tunes and Audible

Featherpaws The Knights Of Owl CrestHeather Edwards
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This story is full of wonderful illustrations, action-packed battles and exciting characters that bring the story to life. Join Annie and Featherpaws on their journey and find out what happens when science and fantasy collide!

Using illustrations and photography/                         Presentation

Featherpaws The Knights of Owl Crest is the first story of a series that follows a young, brave part owl, part cat, part zebra scientific creation. Together with his loyal companion, Annie Softnose, they go on an epic adventure. With the help of other wise and magical creatures they meet along the way, they work together to save the world. The journey helps Featherpaws find his true self, and he learns to appreciate his quirky uniqueness.

Heather Edwards

Book Sample

Heather Edwards

Startlingly, Featherpaws and Annie Softnose discover science can be channelled for good and evil. Negotiations and futuristic science ultimately provide the perfect solutions and show that we must care for our world and its creatures. Join Featherpaws and Annie on their journey and let their story show you the power of friendship and the importance of protecting the Earth.

Available as paperback, kindle and audio book.

Featherpaws The Knights Of Owl Crest Heather Edwards

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