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Heather Edwards

Heather Edwards
Seeing Is Believing Series


The Sight Sprites

Take A Look Through My Glasses

"Unlock your child's imagination with Heather Edwards' fun and enchanting stories!"

Seeing Is Believing

Heather Edwards is an author and illustrator of children’s books that capture the child’s imagination and encourage them to find the magic in life. Her series of books entitled Seeing Is Believing follows the adventures of Bill Badger the optician, who helps children find the perfect pair of glasses to help solve their problems and helps them discover a love of learning. With colorful illustrations and captivating stories, Heather’s books bring the world of magic to life and capture the imaginations of young readers.

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Welcome to The Sight Sprites, a magical world full of adventure and discovery. My name is Heather Edwards and I am the author and illustrator of the delightful children’s book series 'The Sight Sprites'. In this story, Bill Badger finds it difficult to see during the daytime as he is a nocturnal animal. After finding some magical glasses, his life changes forever as he embarks on a grand journey full of wonder and excitement.


Heather Edwards is the author and illustrator of the beloved Sight Sprites series. In this magical world, the Sight Sprites are tiny fairies who use their special powers to make sure people can see things they otherwise wouldn't.

The Sight Sprites are the ones responsible for making Bill Badgers new pair of glasses in the first book of the series. Their mission is to make sure everyone can see clearly and that no one is left in the dark. Join them on their journey as they spread their sight to the world.

Heather Edward

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Heather Edwards

Heather Edwards, author and illustrator of The Sight Sprites, invites you to experience the world of  magical glasses. In this enchanted tale, follow Bill, a wise badger, as he helps the Sight Sprites build an optician’s shop. Bill's glasses are shaped like the sun as he will be the optician who  brings light and happiness to the lives of other animals.

This is an enchanting story of imagination, friendship, and adventure that will bring a smile to your face. Let Heather Edwards take you on a journey with The Sight Sprites and don’t forget your glasses

Available as paperback and kindle.

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