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Immerse Yourself in the Spellbinding World of Heather Edwards' Catalonian Dragon Tale

Author and illustrator Heather Edwards’ children’s book, 'It All Started With A Dragon,' is a fun and surreal journey full of unexpected twists and turns. Follow Zander, an aspiring artist, as he is given the chance to do work experience abroad. Who would have thought Zander's trip to Catalonia, Spain, to study art at the Dali Museum would lead to many surreal adventures.

It is a magical story of adventure, friendship, and mystery and follows the adventures of a group of friends and their newfound dragon companion. Together, they must find the baby dragon's mother to ensure the creature's safety in the future.

Along the way, they experience parallel worlds, entering the historical past and meeting Catalonian ghosts. All the places they visit are actual places in Catalonia with true mystic stories attached to them.

This book is perfect for any curious reader who loves fantasy and adventure. With a fantastic array of characters, vivid illustrations, thrilling plot and lots of creative problem-solving, 'Zander It All StartedWith A Dragon' is sure to bring hours of entertainment and delight. It is a captivating read for both adults and children alike.

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